Dos and Don’ts

How to Share in 5 easy steps!

1 – Become a member
2 – Create your unique profile
3 – Go to My Products and Add a product to give
4 – Get a product you like
5 – Send a message to schedule pick up or drop off

Five steps


Share! Share! Share!

  • Be generous and have fun.
  • Connect with new friends.
  • Share what you would want to wear or use one more time.
  • If you are not a fancy photographer (who is?) just snap a photo with your phone and read our tips on photography.
  • Be responsible for picking up or dropping off your selections, please allow a 48-hour window.
  • Follow the Seasons & Holidays: post in season items to ensure a faster turnaround. Read our tips on seasonality.

Shary - Does

Shary Doesn't


Don’t forget to be considerate!

  • Don’t take more than what you give. (i.e. share 10 items, take 20 items).
  • Don’t let your items linger! After 48 hours that a selected item is not picked up, the item will be considered available for other members.
  • Please don’t post photos that show children, people or animals.
  • Courtesy is contagious!


Tips & Tricks

  • Photograph your item in natural light, don’t use flash or take photos during evenings or in a dark room.
  • Use square frame if using a phone, so your photos won’t get cropped.
  • The main picture must show the object in full.
  • Prove the authenticity of the brand and use pictures to show the original packaging, the label or certificate.
  • A simple, clean background helps bring out your item
  • For clothing: hang your item on the wall or lay down on the floor, plain surface and shoot from the top.

Shary Tips & tricks

Tips & Tricks: NO

Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t do photo collages
  • Don’t cut out parts of the object that you offer.
  • Don’t use blurry images.
  • Don’t use photographs taken from the internet of a similar object.
  • Don’t add any filters.
  • Don’t photograph your item with other objects that can distract attention.